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What is Ki-Aikido Ontario?

In December 2001 and January 2002, Ki-Aikido Ontario was formed as the provincial Ki Society Aikido organization in Ontario and all the former affiliates of the Kingston Ki Society (founded by Bill Bickford sensei) were invited to participate.

The provincial organization works on a democratic basis with all members of participating Ki Society dojos having the right to make suggestions and comments to the provincial organization.

The principal instructor for each participating dojo has the right to make formal proposals and to vote on these proposals.

The participating dojos are [click on their links to go to their homepages]:

The purpose of this organization is to ensure the teachings of Ki Society and policy set down by Ki No Kenkyukai and the Midland Ki Society are followed.

This organization works co-operatively to promote and extend Ki Society in Ontario and set local policy.

Each dojo functions independently in its day-to-day operations but follows the policies of the provincial organization.

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