Kingston Ki Society / Aikido Club



Th Kingson Ki Society is currently inactive. Please check back here for future updates.


The Kingston Ki Society / Aikido Club is affiliated with Ki-Aikido Ontario, the Midland Ki Federation and is a member of the International Ki Society in Tokyo.

The Kingston Ki Society was founded by Rev. Bill Bickford sensei in 1989 for the purpose of studying Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido as taught by Koichi Tohei

Some of the benefits that accrue from the practice of this graceful and powerful art are increased co-ordination of mind and body, the ability to relax mentally and physically, and the development of a non-aggressive attitude.

In Aikido, it is emphasized that participants work with each other and not against each other so that techniques are learned in a spirit of co-operation.... not competition. Thus there are no contests in Aikido. Promotion comes about as the required techniques are performed acceptably.