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Welcome to the Art of Aikido!

Aikido is a relatively new spiritual martial art that emphasizes the importance of harmony in the world. Aikido is a non aggressive form of self defense. The translation for Aikido is "Ai" meaning harmony, "Ki" meaning energy and "Do" means the way, thus it is the art of harmonizing energy. This is accomplished by manipulating an attacker's aggressive energy and momentum. By executing the principle of harmony through Aikido, the practitioner is able to redirect this energy and momentum by dynamic circular motions instead of replying with brute force. However, the effectiveness of Aikido as a means of self defense is exhibited by joint locking, pressure points and the manipulation of one's balance.

Aikido does not rely on bodily strength but rather on the coordination of mind and body and thus the practice of Aikido is open to all regardless of age, physical stature or gender. Most importantly, the Aikido philosophies and practices concentrate on self cultivation. For this reason Aikido has no form of competition or sparring, therefore there are no winners or losers.

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